About Me

I was born on December 21st and raised in Southern California. After graduating from Cal State San Bernardino with my Bachelor’s in English, I enlisted in the United States Army as a Public Affairs Specialist. I met a wonderful man whom I fell in love with and married. We live in Washington and although I miss my¬†family and best friend dearly along with¬†everyone from Infuse Dance Collective, I am fortunate to beginning a new life with my husband and our Australian Shepherd.

Every day elicits a new journey, adventure and blessing. There’s no telling where my future is heading; only the Big Man upstairs knows. While the not knowing is often stressful, it’s the very thing that allows me to live each day to the fullest. I do have a few things in mind, a number of personal and career ambitions. All I can do is follow my gut and listen closely to whispers of opportunity.