The Brick Room

My room in the barracks is a small space furnished with a few pieces of fake dark wooden tables with drawers, a desk, a very stiff bed, a fridge, microwave, red leather chair, and two massive closets.

This is the room I was given to live in, and it is an old room built of dull brick dating back to Vietnam.

Since I am only an E-4 and single, it would be difficult to get a waiver to live off post and rent a room in a house. Also, I would rather not spend the money to put a roof over my head when I really need to spend money on getting a car first to get on and off post efficiently.

It’s not the worst place in the world to live in, but it certainly is a huge change from the Doll Room in Colorado, and it’s pretty mind-dulling to be cooped up in here.

Regardless, I realize how ideal this spot is for writing. No roommates, no television, no pets…. just me and my laptop.

Just me and my thoughts.

Time to dig deep.








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