The honeymoon phase of writing

I have been chiseling away at this book for over a month now, and I am in still in the honeymoon phase.

Here’s how I know.

I’m over the moon ecstatic about this story. Every time I sit down to incorporate more dialogue or rethink how my characters would react to a major impact, I feel molded into their story as if I am part of their journey.

I feel so close to them that I can nearly cry from their pain, laugh at their jokes, and love as they are being loved. I swear, I must look insane to those around me! If I recorded myself, I probably look like a lunatic. (not sorry)

Discovering my characters is such a breathtaking and difficult endeavor. Even the characters I thought I knew completely surprise me everyday. Good or bad, there is always something new in store.

Writing is addictive.

I cannot go a day without sitting down at the computer, whether it be on my laptop at the USO or the Dell in the computer lab at Student Company here at Fort Meade.

I carved out an hour of my day to revise a scene and reach further into my character’s mind, and it has made all the difference in my day.

Yes, I may look crazy, but I know that this is fulfilling. This is my purpose.

What better way to live?




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