Remembering my grandfather

I received the sad news yesterday that my Grandpa George from Colorado passed away, and thought that since I’m still here in AIT unable to go or do anything yet, I’d write about something my family and I are dealing with.

He went quickly, from what my mother told me.

“He was sitting in a chair and complaining of difficulty breathing,” she texted. He had tried to stand up but collapsed. My uncle tried to help him but he was already gone.

My grandpa’s heart and lungs have been weak for awhile, my mom said.

He was a loving man and always took care of his family. My last conversation with him was before basic training. He had retired in the marine corps, and told me that if I was ever having a bad day, wait for tomorrow to come and it’ll always get better. That helped me get through many rough times while training.

I remember spending much of my childhood with him fishing, camping at Grand Lake, and riding in his truck on long road trips to the Grand Canyon.

He was the only grandfather in my life and I’m going to miss him so much.

You will always be remembered, Grandpa George.

RIP Grandpa Daniel George

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