Three Acts and an Ending

Writing a book is like solving a puzzle.

Assembling the pieces and filling the gaps was my objective today, and I feel very accomplished and really excited about what I’ve written.

Thanks to a handy article, The Snowflake Method for Designing a Novel, I have finished summarizing my entire book.

The smell of progress is so sweet!

The concept of outlining three main acts and an ending was extremely helpful. As I filled in the missing pieces of my story, I started to see the bigger picture of what I’ve been imagining.

It’s remarkable to stand back and see the plot in its entirety.

My characters are coming to life before my very eyes. I’m seeing them interact, love, hate, fight, surrender, and coexist, just like the people I see around me.

Though it took me longer than an hour to construct my summary paragraph, I completed more than what the article asked of me. I composed three very detailed acts and most importantly….


Can I get a Hooray?! Can I get some confetti? Maybe a cookie? Two cookies?

Well, okay then, I guess I can hold off on the celebration until the book release party! But I would like to share what I finished today, because I’m feeling really proud and anxious for feedback. Mind you, there are questions that will arise as you read it (for instance, what the hell is a Foreseer?) But bare with me, because in time, I’m sure your questions will be answered.

So without further ado, here’s a sneak peek into what’s cookin’ in my imagination:



A young writer, Jasmine, wakes up in a boxing ring with no memory of how she arrived. Beaten by Jordan, a soldier trained to kill Foreseers, Jasmine helps the two of them, as well as the Referee, Shane, escape the Box. The trio work together to survive relentless attacks by drones sent by the military to eliminate all creativity in the world. Discovering that she possesses more power than she can handle, Jasmine must choose between sacrificing her own life for the existence of art, or sacrificing art for the sake of survival.    


I hope you  find this to be a great example of “Step 2” in the process of my “snowflake design.” Maybe you can give it a try if you’re also on the route to writing a work of fiction (Because, apparently, everyone and their mother is writing a book these days…)

Remember, as the article advises, this isn’t a back-cover copy of my book, but merely a potential proposal, or perhaps a guiding light in this deep, dark underground adventure toward step 3 – designing each character, which I’ve already started doing.

With that next step in mind, my summary may need some tweaking… but hey, writing is a journey, right? I’m learning to enjoy the new avenues every time I sit down to carve out this baby.


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