Live and learn

I don’t know how I managed to delete everything from the draft I was using to write my book, but it happened. All of my brainstorming somehow didn’t save on my WordPress draft.

There was no recovering the intricate and detailed notes I typed out in the previous weeks, except from what I have stored in my own memory. 

But it’s okay, because I’m smarter this time around. I rewrote a “behind the scenes” page on Google Docs that has the bulk of important ideas for my story.

Save, save, save. The most important lesson I was taught years ago, and yet I am still learning.


Image result for whoops meme


Starting from scratch is actually a good thing in this case. All of my previous thoughts weren’t serving the story. The ones I’m using now are more clear to the plot.

My silly mistake was a blessing in disguise. 

The story is still in its drafting phase, anyway, so messing up early on isn’t a big deal. As I go along, though, I’ll be mindful to keep everything well kept.

Live and learn.



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