Boxed In: Part 3

The arena fell silent as the cage rose steadily. Everyone, including the Soldier, stood dumbfounded. The Referee stared in disbelief with his whistle wedged between his lips.

Jasmine’s surge of relief lasted only for a moment.

The Expectation hesitated as the cage cleared the tops of their heads before flooding into the Box.

“Holy sh-,” Jasmine said nearly stumbling backward into Jordan.

“Thanks, Writer! Now we’re all gonna die!” Jordan barked.

Kill the Writer! 

Kill the Writer!

Kill the Writer! 

“Hey! Back the hell up!” the Referee defended.

His battle was overruled by a massive fist smashing into his jaw, knocking him down on the ground. Blood spurted out of his nose and teeth.

The Writer felt a sudden drop of guilt for the mayhem she caused, but she had to think quickly.

“Protect me, Soldier. I’ll get us out of here,” Jasmine panted.

“Like hell, you will!” Jordan argued.

The Soldier stood in a fighting stance, prepared to take on anyone. Her aggression intimidated a few, but countless others advanced with weak kicks and failed take-downs.

Jasmine hated the idea of helping the Soldier, but it was her only alternative.

“Hold ’em off!” she shouted, squatting low behind Jordan, clutching the pen and paper.

“Oh yeah, sure,” The Soldier said sarcastically as an Expectation grabbed her by the arm and swung her over his shoulder. She countered this motion with her weight, and slammed herself down on him.

Jasmine took a deep breath, closed her eyes and pictured herself out of this nightmare. She saw trees. A quiet forest.

With her pen, she inscribed:


She barely finished the last letter when a young woman, about her age of eighteen, jumped on top of her.

“Give me that scribe!” she yelled.

 Jasmine swept her hands away just as the dark walls of the arena tumbled down. Tall redwood trees with rays of light replaced the Box. She could hear her heart beating a million miles a minute.

I did it. I’m free.

A loud swear word cut into the stillness and startled the Writer. She turned around to see Jordan on all fours staring up at her with utter hatred and confusion.

“Now I’m really going to kill you,” Jordan said.

To be continued…


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